Fully alive in jesus



com·pa·ny - /ˈkəmp(ə)nē/ - noun:
a group of people gathered together for a common purpose.

We believe that everyone needs to be engaged with the mission and in relationship with others. You can do that by being part of a team and part of a crew.
Collage of LIFE CO. church crews talking in the lobby, auditorium, and posing for a group photo.

our values

rooted in orthodoxy

We're grounded in 2,000+ years of Biblical foundation. Our methods will always change, but our message never changes.

fresh expression


shoulder to shoulder

We believe everyone needs to be engaged in the mission of leading people to become fully alive in Jesus. We're

face to face

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A 4 photo collage of LIFE CO. pastors Kyle and Kenzie. The top photos are of their family together, and the bottom images are Kyle and Kenzie speaking at LIFE CO.

our pastors

The vision for LIFE CO. was born after three local churches merged into one church with the same desire — leading people to become fully alive in Jesus. The mission is to reach people in the Greater Richmond area and beyond through creative experiences rooted deeply in biblical doctrine.

Our lead pastors, Kyle and Kenzie, are creative-minded leaders who have a strong desire to see people reach their full potential in all that God has called them to be. They have a deep love for their community and are passionate about sharing Jesus in new and innovative ways.


LIFE CO. gatherings give us the opportunity to come together collectively to worship. We have gatherings at our venue in Chester, Virginia for adults, kids, and youth. We'd love to worship with you.

8:00am | 9:30am | 11:15am

12501 Life Trail
Chester, Va. 23831

A worship leader with both arms raised on stage.

give online

Your generosity enables us to help more and more people become fully alive in Jesus.

Thank you so much for your investment into LIFE CO. and the vision to reach people in the Richmond, Virginia area.
LIFE CO. church auditorium full of people singing and worshipping with a band on stage